Complaints Redress



Your Rights

Your Right as Consumer
As a consumer it is your right to get satisfactory services from your service provider. All Communications & Multimedia Service Providers are required to deal reasonably with the consumer and adequately address consumer complaints according to the General Consumer Code of Practice (GCC).

The GCC is a industry self-regulatory code of practice registered with SKMM. The GCC was developed by CFM to foster the highest standards of business ethics and behaviour through industry self-governance.


Your Right to Redress
If you did not get satisfactory communications services, it is your responsibility to promptly address your dissatisfaction.

It is your RIGHT to address any dissatisfaction or discrepancy that your have encountered with your fixed line, mobile phone, internet, television, radio and mobile content Service Provider.

If your Service Provider did not resolve your complaints satisfactorily, you can seek further recourse and REDRESS your complaints with us.

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