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When We Can Help

Before CFM can become involved in a complaint about a Service Provider, it must first be given the opportunity to sort the dispute out. We cannot accept and process complaints that has not been through the first level of dispute resolution through the Service Providers. Service Providers have seven weeks to do this.

Service Providers have their own complaints procedures – a Service Provider will usually explain to consumers how to complain on its website or provide a written copy of its complaints procedure.

Consumers need to complain to a company within 12 months of becoming aware of the issue. Service Providers have seven weeks to respond to a complaint, after which complaints can be referred to CFM for redressing or investigation.

We can only consider a complaint after the Service Provider has had a chance to resolve it.


  • Seven weeks have passed and it has been difficult to register a complaint with the company, or it failed to reply within the seven weeks, or it offered an unsuitable resolution.
  • The Service Provider has sent a final response saying that it will no longer be considering a complaint. The letter could say, for example, that the company cannot do anything more about the problem and this is its final position.
    Consumers should come to us as soon as possible after seven weeks have passed or they have received a final response from the company stating that it would not be considering a complaint.


We can only help with complaints with Service Providers that holds licenses from SKMM and all non-licensed Service Providers who are members of the Forum.

  • A list of licensed Service Providers is available here.
  • A list of all members of the Forum is available here.

The Consumer Forum mediates complaints from consumers about Service Providers which provide communications services to the public. This includes mobile, internet, tv and radio companies.

We are independent, meaning that we do not take sides and we make our decisions based on the facts. Consumers can use our services free of charge.

We provide you an alternative solution out of the expensive courts systems.If, when we have looked at your complaint, you are not happy with our decision you retain your right, to ask the courts to consider the complaint.

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