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What is CoP

how to complaint

CFM Online Complaints Portal (CoP) is an unresolved complaint management system with an objective to help users to lodge unresolved complaints regarding their communications & multimedia services. The CoP was developed according to Part 3 of CFM’s General Consumer Code of Practice (GCC) as a tool to carry on the function of complaints management.

The CoP allows the consumer to do the following :

  • Make an official complaint to CFM.
  • Direct access to review and monitor complaint status at any time.
  • Official documentation on root cause of complaint, deposit of supporting evidence and proposed resolutions.
  • Ease coordination and communication between the Service Provider, consumer and CFM.
  • Speedy and efficient resolution of complaints depending on complexity of complaint.

Consumers who have made their complaints on the CoP can easily monitor and check the status online, making it convenient and hassle free.


What type of complaints can you make ?

  • Billing
    Billing Disputes, Billing Errors, Delayed Bills, No Bills, Overcharging, Refund Delay.
  • Service
    Dropped Calls, Blocked Calls, No Coverage, Poor Coverage, Slow Internet Speed, Service Activation Delay, Service Restoration Delay.
  • SMS
    Scams, Spams, Receiving Unsubscribed SMS, Receiving Threatening / Abusive / Obscence SMS.
  • Information Privacy
    Identity Theft, Online Identity Fraud, Unauthorised Distribution of Personal Information.
  • Others
    Disputed Terms & Conditions, Unauthorised Subscription of Services, unfair Practices, Poor Customer Service, Misleading Advertisement & Promotion, Misleading Prices and Packages, Online Threatening / Abusive / Obscene Content.
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