Complaints Redress



Making It Right

making it right

Where we find that the Service Provider has not acted correctly, we will recommend what it should do to make things right.

CFM will analyse and investigate a complaint in order to determine whether there has been a breach of the GCC.

In the course of analysing a complaint which we find that a similar complaint has been historically resolved with some practical approach, we would recommend a practical resolution to the Service Provider and may include quick fixes such as :

  • Some practical action
  • Giving an explanation
  • Immediate rectification of the root cause problem

Once a breach is confirmed, we will consider the following factors to decide on the type of sanction to be imposed on the Service Provider:

  • Seriousness of the breach
  • Past conduct of Service Provider with respect to compliance of the GCC
  • Representations made by the Service Provider with regards to the alleged breach

CFM can issue compliance reminders to ensure adherence to Service Providers which includes:

  • Issuance of a caution notice
  • Issuance of a warning notice

We will continuously monitor the status of the breach until satisfactorily rectified.

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