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How To Register for A CoP Account

This guide describes how to get started using CFM Complaint Portal or CoP. The guide covers basic topics such as registering for an account, logging in, changing your account settings, lodging complaint and maintaining account.

CoP does not require special software, it is accessable through the Internet. If you have a computer with Internet access, a modem and telephone line, an Internet browser, then you can lodge unresolved complaints from virtually anywhere in the world. It is recommended that you install a personal firewall and regularly update your virus protection software.

CoP is best viewed using IE 6.0, Firefox & Safari.

Before you can start using CoP, you will need to register an account Point your web browser to
Click the link that says ‘first time login? Register here’

The next page that comes up is the registration form.
Enter all information required, username, password and your valid email address and hit “register”

Then check your email account. Within a few minutes, you should get an automatically-generated email confirming your registration and asking you to activate the account.
You can click the activation link and now you’re ready to log in.

To log into CoP, you must enter your username and password, hit login and you will be directed to CoP main page

Click on the new complaint menu

Fill the required fields and upload attachments (if any)
Preview your complaint and verify all information is correct by ticking the small box and hit send button to lodge the complaint.

From time to time, you will be receiving email from CoP on any updates regarding your complaint. Altenatively, you can view updates of your complaint by log in to your account and click on the complaint status menu.

Protect your account by regularly change password.
You can change your password on the menu panel or change your personal information and update your profile by clicking the profile menu.

Remember to always logout once you done with the system to prevent identity theft especially when you are using public shared computer.

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