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General Consumer Code


PART 5 : Reporting

1. Overview

1.1 The Consumer Forum will provide regular progress reports to assist it in its ongoing monitoring and review of Codes. The progress reports will document:

  1. identified breaches of each Code as specified in Part 6, 1.2 (d) (section on Sanctions), and the remedial action taken (on an anonymous basis);
  2. instances of rejection of a complaint as specified in Part 6, 6 B 6.4 (consumer complaints) and Part 6, 6 C 6.6 (industry complaints), and the reasons for rejection;
  3. publicity and education programmes;
  4. identified recurring complaints as specified in Part 6, 1.2 (b) and steps taken to address these;
  5. statistics on complaints as specified in Part 6, 1.2 (c) and their resolution, outlined in appropriate detail;
  6. the Consumer Forum monitoring activities undertaken;
  7. steps taken by Service Providers/ Service Providers in the development of in-house compliance systems;
  8. costs and other details of financial administration;
  9. continuous improvement in Code principles and administration; and
  10. developments in technology which are expected to have an impact on operational procedures covered by the Code, and the steps proposed to be taken by the Consumer Forum to address these issues.
1.2 The progress reports will be publicised via the Consumer Forum’s publications.
1.3 The progress reports may be made available to the public upon request.
1.4 The Consumer Forum’s annual report will contain a summary of all progress reports for that relevant year.

Part 5 : Chapters

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