Consumer Education Series

CONSUMERinfo Series 1

CONSUMERinfo issue #1
Contributed by GoMobile

Overview :
The year-end is drawing near. To wrap up 2009, we are highlighting our local mobile habits with interim results from a nationwide survey by SKMM. Some results are expected while some are rather surprising. [ read more ... ]

Topics :
Mobile phone: Got one? | Nokia enters uncharted terrirory | Broadband plans for all | Can Windows 7 revive UMPCs? | Rugged mobile test | 30 X'mas gifts for every budget

Boosting the defence against DNS attacks

CONSUMERinfo issue #2 | Boosting Defence Against DNS Attacks
Credit to The Star Online

Overview :
EVERY time you use the Internet you are using the Domain Name System (DNS) without even realising it… However, due to the distributed nature of the DNS, its architecture has been built without security in mind and domain name servers can be subjected to attacks and breaches. e-Mail messages can be redirected and copied. Voice-over-Internet Protocol calls can be tapped. In addition to that, server cache poisoning can be used to direct users to malicious websites, a process called "pharming." These fake websites usually contain viruses or tools for stealing personal information… [ read more ... ]

CONSUMERinfo issue #3 | Cyberstalking a serious threat
Credit to The Star Online

Overview :
"Dear MyCert Team, For the past two weeks, someone has been harassing me online. This person has also posted my name and mobile number online, and since then I have received about 100 lewd calls..."

Cyberstalking is when an individual or a group uses the Internet or other electronic means to stalk someone. And if you're thinking that cyberstalkers only prowl in countries other than our own, perish the thought...
 [ read more ... ]

CONSUMERinfo issue #4 | Protecting yourself from the creeps
Credit to The Star Online

Overview :
Be careful with your personal information online. Everything is connected on the Web and you may be inadvertently leaving a breadcrumb trail leading straight to your doorstep for strangers to follow.

The Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) recommends that a victim should also change his or her e-mail addresses and user-IDs, as well as increase the privacy settings for his or her social-networking tools. read more ... ]

CONSUMERinfo issue #5 | Are you a victim of cyberstalking?
Credit to The Star Online

Overview :
If you are, follow these steps:

1. If you are under 18 years old, you should inform your parents or guardian, or anyone else that you trust;

2. Save all the offending messages in hardcopy and/or softcopy. Make a police report and also lodge a complaint with the SKMM (; 1-800-888-030) [ 
read more ... ]


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