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Complaints That We Deal With

complaints that we deal with

Although we’d like to extend our assistance as much as possible, there are some areas of complaints which we cannot accept. Please find the list below as a guidance on the type of complaints that we are not able to help :

  • Complaints about Service Providers which are not within the Communications and Multimedia Industry and not governed by the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA98).
  • Complaints which we think would be better considered by the courts, arbitration services or another complaints procedure.
  • Complaints that are already being dealt with by the courts or other complaints procedures.
  • Complaints about employment or staff issues.
  • Complaints that we consider to be malicious or unjustified.
  • Disagreements between the companies which participate in our service.
  • Complaints that does not include supporting documents as requested by Service Providers.
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