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An appropriate and timely resolution

an appropriate and timely resolution

We work within the set time limits as mentioned in the GCC so it is important that we know as soon as possible whether a consumer accepts or declines a recommendation.

If the resolution appears to be a straightforward settlement as proposed by the Service Provider we will check with the consumer if it is acceptable.

If a complaint is in the nature that requires a dispute resolution, we may decide that an investigation is required. We will ask the Service Provider to supply us with all relevant information. We will look at all the facts and produce a written report which gives our view of the complaint and recommend what action, if any, should be taken.

We provide this same report within the COP system which is openly accessible to both the complainant and the Service Provider. With most complaints both parties will agree with our decision and that concludes the process. We then make sure that the company carries out what has been agreed between the Complainant and Service Provider.

If the complainant or the Service Provider feels that there was a significant error in the facts, or there is important new evidence which would affect the proposed resolution, we need to be informed about this in writing. We will then review the case and make a decision.

If the Complainant and the Service Provider then agree, we will write and confirm the decision.

If at this stage the Complainant or the Service Provider is still unhappy with our resolution, they can write and tell us why, and we will consider and recommend next suitable escalation process to the complainant.

We work to set time limits and aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. It is important that we know as soon as possible whether a complainant and Service Provider accepts or declines a recommended resolution.

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